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  • eXp 4000 - 3d metal detector with monitor eXp 4000 - 3d metal detector with monitor
eXp 4000 - 3d metal detector with monitor
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Because of the usage of an advanced technology it's the Mercedes under the earth imaging instruments.

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The Earth Imager are the stars of our "FS - Future Serie". They can represent graphical measuring results without using any additional computer. Because of the high amount of optional accessories they are extendable individually. Every customer can purchase only that what he needs for his purposes.

The eXp 4000 metal detector is by far the most successful geophysical instrument of all our 3d ground scanners. This 3d metal detector is mostly used by treasure hunters, archaeologists and anyone who is looking for gold or hidden treasures underground. The many treasure finds worldwide has proven that the eXp 4000 really fulfills all of the requirements which are needed to be successful. By using the eXp 4000 ground scanner many buried items can be located at depths beyond most other metal detectors.

Characteristics and applications of the eXp 4000 ground scanner

Lightweight portability, packed in a shock protective Peli transportation case so it can be taken everywhere, also in areas difficult to access. The easy handling makes it suitable for everybody. You don't have to be a metal detecting expert to use this treasure detector.

The eXp 4000 ground scanner is specially designed for the following applications:

  • Archaeological surveys, metal detection, treasure hunting and gold prospection
  • locating the exact position of buried treasures and artifacts
  • 3d metal detecting including size and depth
  • detecting gold and other items of great value
  • finding ancient artifacts, hidden treasures, gold, silver, bronze, hoards of coins, treasure deposits, chests
  • tunnel and cavern locating

The eXp 4000 metal detector has been used successfully by our customers for the following jobs:

  • Detection of hidden historic artifacts, coins and valuable figures in North Africa (Maghreb countries)
  • Detection of ancients coins in Syria
  • Localization of underground tunnel and bunker systems with hidden treasures on the Philippines
  • Detection of relics and ancient artifacts from the former Persian Empire in Iran and around
  • Bottle detection in Suriname
  • Detection of bronze statues, antic plates and artifacts in Balkan area
  • Ghost town hunting and prospecting in USA, Mexico and Canada
  • Detection of large quantities of ancient coins and lost guerrilla gold in Greece
  • Localization of underground bunker systems from WWI in Belgium

Due to specialized antennas the eXp 4000 ground scanner can also be used in mineralized areas for treasure hunting.

The comprehensive equipment of the eXp 4000 metal detector is only one point that makes it a unique treasure hunting unit. Every single probe was optimized for its own purpose. So you can work with the following antennas:

  • GPR-Antenna ( 25 cm, 50 cm, 75 cm, 100 cm )
  • Antenna for metal discrimination ( DDV system )
  • Antenna for tunnel detection
  • Super Sensor for high resolution ground scans
  • FS-Thermoscan for 3D infrared images

The measurement unit of the eXp 4000 includes a PC-module with which data is displayed immediately on the full color screen. During the scanning procedure a laptop computer is not required, you can see the results directly on the screen. Advanced technology allows measurements in brilliant resolutions. Measured data is stored in the 256 MB memory and can be transferred later to a computer. Transferring measured values to a computer allows the operator to evaluate and compare all stored data. In doing this the operator can determine depth, size and position of targets using the professional Visualizer 3D software.

The eXp 4000 3d ground scanner has several characteristics that set it aside from other technologies:

  • lightweight portability
  • non-intrusive live ground surveying
  • quick and easy set up and operation
  • live color coded surveys
  • allows for impromptu and fast surveys
  • immediate on-site interpretation of target area
  • measured values showing extreme depth of survey
  • measured values showing location of targets within surveyed area
  • highly sensitive and accurate detecting device

Technical certificates and 2 years of warranty are standard for all OKM metal detectors. Extensive field tests ensure the high quality of all OKM ground scanners which leave our factory.

Customized packages of the eXp 4000 metal detector

The eXp 4000 metal detector has a wide range of optional components for various searching needs. We offer 3 customized packages: Basic Edition, Gold Edition and Professional Edition. You may also build your individual customized package for your specialized treasure hunting needs.

Basic Edition: The Basic Edition includes all of the basic components which are needed to operate the 3d ground scanner. It is configured for getting started in 3d metal detection. This means that the central components such as the control unit with monitor, the Power Pack with charger and travel adapter, the headphones and joystick, the Visualizer 3D software, usb cable, Peli transportation case, user manual and one 25 cm GPR antenna with telescopic rod assembly are included. With this basic package you are able to conduct 3d scans, find metal targets and voids and determine position, approx. size and depth.
Additional accessories can be purchased at any time to increase the field capabilities of your unit.

Gold Edition: The Gold Edition is a specialized ground scanner package for all gold prospectors and treasure hunters. It comes with all of the components of the Basic Edition and includes additional probes for gold and treasure detection. The high resolution Super Sensor and the DDV system (visual metal detector) are included. These add-ons enable the user to distinguish different types of metals and can concentrate on the precious targets and items of great value. Also included is an additional Power Pack giving you more time in the field to search for the buried gold.
Additional accessories can be purchased at any time to increase the field capabilities of your unit.

Professional Edition: The Professional Edition of the eXp 4000 metal detector is for professional searching needs and includes all available options. Various probes are included such as all of the horizontal GPR antennas of different sizes,  the specialized antenna for tunnel and cavity detection as well as the FS-Thermoscan for infrared measurements.

The following technical indications are medial values. During operation small variations are quite possible.

Control unit

  • Operating temperature   0 °C - 70 °C
  • Storage temperature   -20 °C - 60 °C
  • Air humidity   5 % - 75 %
  • Waterproof   No
  • Dimensions (H x W x D)   430 x 150 x 260 mm
  • Weight   about 3 kg
  • Voltage   9,6 - 14,4 VDC, 22 W maximum
  • Safety class   IP40
  • Operating time (delivered power supply full charged, 25°C)   approx. 3 hours
  • Display   300mcd backlight, 6.4" diagonal, 640 x 480 Pixel TFT, Color
  • Processor   600 MHz, INTEL i586-compatible
  • Working memory   256 MB RAM
  • Data memory   256 MB
  • Feedback   audible, visual

Data transmission (USB)

  • Technology   USB
  • Maximum Transfer Rate   19200 Baud

Computer, minimum requirements

  • CD-ROM drive   minimum 4x
  • Interface (Data transmission)   USB
  • Free disk space   minimum 50 MB
  • Working memory (RAM)   minimum 256 MB
  • Graphic card   minimum 128 MB, OpenGL-compatible
  • Processor   minimum 1.2 GHz
  • Operating system   Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

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Buy the best you can afford. The better your detector, the more you'll find, and deeper you'll go to get the older more valuable coins and treasures. You'll have more features to identify your targets before you dig. You can cancel out all junk and trash and only dig valuable finds. Your detector will be more automatic and easy to tune and use. Whatever your budget, be it $200 or $500 or even $1000, you can find THE BEST for your budget by checking our "Metal Detectors by Price" section.

No matter which machine you decide to go with, you are guaranteed to have paid for it in miscellaneous change, coveted relics, rare coins or recovered jewelry in no time.

Bonus: What if you are searching for deep buried or hidden treasures on land or water?

You need a detector or detectors that will go much deeper than even the best hobby or consumer types. Detecting Devices from OKM can penetrate a few feet in the ground and scan as deep as 80 FEET! The Nokta Golden King is another favorite of serious treasure hunters needing to find DEEP Gold Treasures. Nokta claims to locate and identify Gold Targets to 8 meters. Both are detectors with real time 3D imaging, in a way it's like seeing into the ground! And there are other detectors you can investigate listed as Professional Metal Detectors.

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